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Kinofy's 8-Step China Market Entry Programme

8 Step China Market Entry Programme | Kinofy Singapore
Business Advisory | Kinofy Singapore

Step 1: Business Advisory

Kinofy’s experience in bringing businesses into the challenging Chinese market has given it valuable insights into the Chinese business environment and consumer. Providing you with expert knowledge and advisory, giving your business the confidence, security, and ease as you kick start your company’s digital transformation into China.

Step 2: Product Registration

Every product that is sold into the Chinese market typically requires a long-drawn registration and licensing process. With its official importation channel, companies onboarded on the Kinofy platform will be assured that your products will be registered officially in weeks, allowing you to sell seamlessly and reach out to the booming Chinese market in the shortest time possible.

Product Registration | Kinofy Singapore
Training & Education | Kinofy Singapore

Step 3: Training & Education

The Chinese market is powered by social. Businesses entering the Chinese market have to be social-ready, and Kinofy empowers you and your company with its comprehensive training and education programme, so that you can power the social retail operations needed to meet the evolving demands of the modern, discerning Chinese consumer.

Step 4: Logistics & Warehousing

Along with the social transformation is the demand for quick, efficient, and quality service. With access to the China Cross-Border Free Trade, Kinofy merchants can be sure that their products reach consumers with minimal fuss, with its logistics and warehousing solutions, as well as its last-mile delivery services.

Logistics & Warehousing | Kinofy Singapore
Wechat E-Commerce Platform | Kinofy Singapore

Step 5: WeChat

With 1 billion monthly active users (MAU) as of Q1 2018, WeChat is one of the most important social tools in China. Kinofy is built on the WeChat platform, giving you the potential and opportunity to excite shoppers and influencers, driving traffic and sales into your brand’s very own WeChat store.

Step 6: Social Selling Tools

Take advantage of your Kinofy store on WeChat to turn shoppers into sales channels within social circles. The newest social selling tools, such as promotional and gaming mechanics, to increase opportunities for wider reach, better sales conversions, and increased brand visibility and awareness.

Social Selling Tools | Kinofy Singapore
International Currency Settlement | Kinofy Singapore

Step 7: International Currency Settlement

Kinofy’s platform also comes with e-payment gateways and overseas currency remittance capabilities, allowing international currency settlement processes, so you can do your business with peace of mind.

Step 8: Business Intelligence

Intuitive dashboards, analytics, and reports are easily available to Kinofy merchants, allowing you to track sales, traffic, and conversion wherever you are, and in real time. Maximise your sales and marketing campaigns, or optimise your supply chain processes to improve your business efficiency for success in the Chinese market.

Business Intelligence | Kinofy Singapore

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