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Kinofy SG Retail Accelerator Programme

One of the largest untapped markets in Singapore is hiding in plain sight: the over 700,000 Chinese nationals living here. Are you using the right tools and platform to reach out to them?

Mainland Chinese Consumers in Singapore
With over 600 million social network users in China, Chinese consumers are highly mobile-savvy. Study shows that while living in Singapore, the mainland Chinese consumers are very much connected to China digitally.

This means that they are using apps and games created for the China market. At the same time, they are communicating with their friends and family, not only back in China, but all over the world, using WeChat. Hence if you are only running marketing and promotional campaigns on Google, Facebook and Instagram, you will be missing out on this larger group of consumers in Singapore.

Drive Footfall 

Drive traffic to your Point-of-Sale by reaching out to this untapped group of consumers

 Gain Market Share 

Get ahead of your competition and enjoy a bigger piece of the pie with your existing goods and services

 Engage Fans

Attract followers to your Official Account and continually engage them to cultivate brand love and loyalty. 

Leverage on the tools in Kinofy’s WeChat platform to engage with your customers and drive traffic & sales to your retail store.

Kinofy equips you with essential tools and the platform to reach out to and engage the  Chinese nationals living in Singapore.

Get in touch with us to learn more about leveraging on the popularity of WeChat to reach new prospects and boost your retail sales!