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Social Commerce Jumpstarter Programme

In a world where our lives and personal space are increasingly invaded by technology, we crave deeper connections with people. We become more invested in supporting movements, campaigns and even products that resonate with our values and sense of purpose. In doing so, we form communities.

Brands build communities to reduce their dependency on advertising to drive traffic, to increase customer retention, to discover and groom brand advocates, to amass user-generated content, to understand their customers better and much more. Communities form the very heart of Social Commerce.

Kinofy’s Social Commerce Jumpstarter Programme consists of a series of solutions that gives you a headstart in Social Commerce, with the objective of acquiring brand followers, so you can start to build your very own community.

chinese tourists on mobile

Chinese Tourists, they are everywhere. According to COTRI (China Outbound Tourism Research Institute), the number of outbound tourists reached 145 million in 2017 and is expected to rise to 156 million by end of 2018. They are also the world’s top spenders, almost doubling that of the USA.

The Kinofy Social Commerce Jumpstarter (Chinese Tourist Package) allows you to precisely target and reach out to the Chinese Tourists before they even set foot into your country, placing your store as a destination in their itinerary. Alternatively, you may choose to reach out to Chinese Tourists during their trip. By serving carefully crafted brand messages and promotional mechanics to this curated audience, you can attract them to visit your store, thereby increasing footfall.

If your brand and products are already a hit with the Chinese Tourists, don’t let their journey with you end at your store. With Kinofy, these customers can purchase your products even when they are back in China. You can continue to engage and nurture them, and eventually groom them into your brand advocates and re-sellers.

Get in touch with us to learn more about multiplying your sales to the Chinese Tourists and then to the rest of China!

influencer sharing products KOL

KOL (key opinion leaders) marketing has been around for several years now and it is easy to see why brands of all sizes are adopting it as one of the their core marketing strategies.

Bypass ad-blocking softwares
As ad-blocking is being normalised, advertisers have little choice but to look for other avenues to capture the attention of consumers. Content created by KOLs are able to bypass this issue entirely.

Ready pool of followers 
Instead of having to reach out and acquire followers organically, brands can leverage on the influence of KOLs to gain awareness and promote their products to their target audience in the shortest time.

Easy penetration into several channels at once
In China, the sheer number of media channels can make any foreign marketer’s head spin. Short of resources, many brands opt to work with KOLs to expedite penetration. 

Content has higher credibility than advertising
As consumers lose trust in traditional advertising, they rely heavily on recommendations to aid in their purchase decision process. Product testing and reviews by KOLs has become an important source of information, especially in the beauty and personal care arena.

With Kinofy Social Commerce Jumpstarter (KOL Package), you do not have to comb through the tens of thousands of KOLs individually. We help you to identify and shortlist the most relevant and budget-friendly KOLs for your brand. 

Get in touch to learn more about how to couple your KOL campaign with Kinofy’s social selling tools to give your social commerce business a quick boost!