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Who are We?

Kinofy is Singapore’s premier Social Commerce cross-border retail supply chain ecosystem, offering entrepreneurs a smart, simple, seamless way to bring their brand into the thriving Chinese digital market.

What Do We Do?

At its heart, Kinofy is a rich ecosystem of marketing, logistics and warehousing, licensing, training partners and more, providing a safe, transparent, structured, practical and sustainable market entry solution for budding entrepreneurs and thriving enterprises alike.

What Do We Do | Kinofy Singapore
Vision & Mission | Kinofy Singapore

Our Vision

To create a borderless trading platform, improving consumers’ lives, bringing them access to genuine, quality products from around the world.

Our Mission

Transforming today’s business people into tomorrow’s digital entrepreneurs.

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Kinofy's 4P Ecosystem​


A simplified Merchant Experience supported with Enterprise-level Security, Scalability and Reliability

We remove the complexity of traditional business requirements and bureaucracy that you face when entering the Chinese market, bringing your brand and products seamlessly into China. Through official cross-border product registration, and importation channels, we ensure a Merchant Experience that is supported with Enterprise-level security, scalability, and reliability.


An Open Platform with a thriving Ecosystem to support merchants’ growth

A rich ecosystem of reliable and value-added partnerships brings you convenience and confidence in growing your business in China’s challenging market, giving you a competitive edge – from licensing, logistics, and training, to marketing, warehousing and last-mile delivery.


A Seamless China Cross-Border, Social Commerce platform, for international brand owners and SME merchants.

Gain complete control over your brand and products through a plug-and-play platform that integrates the latest digital and social technologies and services. A single overview of your business, from your customer, to logistics, international brand owners and SME merchants alike can now take advantage of our seamless China cross-border, Social Commerce platform to penetrate the boundless Chinese market.


A Smart Platform designed to Launch and Grow Brands by Connecting People through social selling tools.

Latest social selling and fan building tools allows you to engage your customers, building a community around your brand and bringing them a personalised, memorable experience for a longer lifecycle.